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Kitesurfing Gear

Although kitesurfing may be new to a lot of people, the origins are traced way back to the 14th century in China, where kites where utilized to pull canoes at sea. Over the years, the idea has developed until it has become what it is today, kitesurfing. As this water sports activity has developed, so too has the gear that we use. for anyone who is a new comer to the sport, the number one thing that you will ask is, what gear do I need for kitesurfing?

If you enrol in a kitesurfing school they will tell you what gear you will need. Or, there is the possibility you can try their equipment before you buy your own.

Initially you will have to have various kitesurfing apparel. The majority of kitesurfers use wetsuits, because they give protection to the user from the powerful winds. This kind of suit is best in cold temperatures, because they keep the body warm. For hotter weather, short wetsuits are used. Some people use regular shorts and swimming suits.

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The important thing is to keep the clothing as thin as can be so you will not have trouble adding additional gear such as the kite harness and life vest. More to the point, the clothing has to protect the rider from the weather.

The kite is a second piece of equipment that you will need. The type of kite will depend on the capability of the surfer. This could be the inflatable or foil type. Inflatable kites have different aspect ratio fit for any kind of kitesurfer. Lower aspect ratio indicates the kite is much easier to fly.

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Foil kites are usually made use of by experienced kitesurfers, since they provide much more speed. The air pockets enable it to go much faster. But, when it goes into the water, it has to be dried before it is launched again. For this reason it is rarely used for water but just on snow.

An additional gear is the kiteboard. It is usually not as big as a windsurf board or surfboard, but it has the same shape. It it could be the wakeboard kind, that is bi-directional and might be of any width or length. Or it could be the directional kind, that is much more buoyant and moves in one direction. The board features straps for better attachment to the foot.

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Connected to the kite are the flying lines. The length and amount of lines can be different for each rider. The control bar is at the other end of the flying lines, this is gripped by the rider to control the kite.

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A kite harness worn by the rider is connected to the control bar.

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Additional pieces of equipment providing essential safety are helmets and impact vests.

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Of course, you will need a bag to carry your gear

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The most important point is always to examine the equipment, not just when making a purchase but also before and right after you have used them.

Faulty equipment is one of the causes why some accidents occur. Ensure that your equipment is in sound condition at all times. Finally, follow the code of conduct and all of the essential safety recommendations to prevent danger to other people and yourself.

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